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From Here to Maternity – and Beyond

mum & baby yoga

This class is suitable for mums & babies from 6 weeks normal delivery/8 weeks c-section up to pre-crawling.

Benefits include:

🌼Invaluable bonding time with your baby

🌼 Soothes babies and helps promote better sleep

🌼 Improving your strength, posture and fitness 

🌼 Help correct common postnatal problems 

🌼 Increase energy levels, confidence and sense of well-being

🌼Help you make new friends with other mums and babies 

We offer a full range of classes and services for mums and parents to be, all provided by caring and experienced professionals. 

Roll Mamas Post Natal Workshops

The postnatal months are a time of wonder, joy, and love – but also exhaustion, rollercoaster emotions, and lack of time and energy to look after YOU. 

Roll Mamas Postnatal is a practice of restorative self-care using the Roll Model Method and Yoga Tune Up therapy balls. Exploring simple but effective self-massage techniques, you will learn how to target common postnatal hotspots – neck, shoulders, arms, and upper back – helping to promote relaxation, ease tension, improve blood flow to tight spots, and down-regulate the nervous system. 

Roll Mamas Postnatal is 1.5 hours of self-care for new mums, including: 

🌼Specially targeted postnatal self-massage practice using Yoga Tune Up therapy balls

🌼One soothing restorative yoga pose for deep rest and rejuvenation 

🌼Plus a tea break to meet and chat with other new mums!

This mini-retreat is suitable for all new mums, toddler mums, or any and all mums who just need to refill their cup! No experience necessary. Bring your little ones up to the pre-crawling stage, or carve out some precious time all on your own!  

Positive Attitude

Radiant Child Yoga recognizes that children are naturally radiant

Yoga for kids and classes and camps

Radiant Child Yoga recognizes that children are naturally radiant, aware, and full of innocent wisdom. The deeper purpose of children’s yoga is to help them maintain or regain their inherent state of being. Radiant Child® empowers adults to share the magical and practical benefits of yoga with children, some of which are:



Positive Attitude

Mindfulness and Focus

Self-Calming Abilities


Brain-Body Coordination

and many more!

Our classes are midwife-led so you may be able to reclaim a part of the cost from your insurance provider.  Contact your provider for details.